2009 European Tour walk-in music

Walk-In Music

Here’s what you’ve been listening to before the show:

Lost, Night – Bill Frisell (from his wonderful Disfarmer album)

That’s Alright, Mama – Bill Frisell

King of the Road – Rufus Wainright & Teddy Thompson

Blackberry Winters – David Mead

Streets Of Baltimore – Gram Parsons

I Feel A Change Comin’ On – Bob Dylan

Almost And Always – David Mead

American Dirt – Matthew Ryan

Sicily – David Mead

They Were Wrong – Matthew Ryan

The Last DJ – Tom Petty

I Only Want To Be The Man You Love – Matthew Ryan

Sleeping In Saturday – David Mead

It Could’ve Been Worse – Matthew Ryan

Little Boats – David Mead

Disfarmer Theme – Bill Frisell

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