Want to be in a video?

We are putting together a video for “Hello Cruel World” (the song) starring YOU. Send us clips of (.MOV, .MP4, etc.)  of yourself (or you and your friends, you and your dog, etc.) singing “Hello Cruel World”. You can upload your video clips here (the password is cruelworld). If you have any trouble with the upload, or any questions, send us an email.

Be creative. You don’t have to sing the whole song, and you don’t have to accompany yourself. Sing it a cappella. Sing it in the shower, or the car, or the kitchen. Sing along with the CD, or play it on your ukulele. If you can’t sing, recite a few lines, or hold up a sign with your favorite line from the lyric. Creativity counts, professionalism doesn’t.

You’ll be credited at the end of the video, so please send your full name along with your clip. And check back here to see when the video is posted so you can tell your friends and family you’re in a music video!