Hello Cruel World – fans & friends video

The “Hello Cruel World” video starring fans & friends is now live on YouTube! Thanks to everyone who sent in video clips – they were funny, clever, touching, strange and totally awesome. Special thanks to Crystal Hochhalter who did the big job of putting all of them together into one video. Enjoy and please share with your fans & friends! Click here to view the Hello Cruel World fans & friends video.
“Hello Cruel World” features:
Bill Bender
Mr. Bilston (Andrew Newiss)
Ian Bourne
Jen Edds
Ali Eisner
Barbara Helen & Wren
Jennifer Johnson
Max Johnson
Phil “Road Mangler” Kaufman
Laura Kinney
Bill Lloyd
Miley McClave
Helen Mitchell
Ann Peters
David Michael Phillips
Bailey Shelton
The Spring Chickens
Polly Steens
Jessica Stewart
Pam Tillis
Barry Walsh
Widermans & Walshes
Wood, Wire & Words
Grace & Lizzie
Daniel, Rebecca, John & Herbert