Holiday shopping

Some cool stuff up in the store in time for the holidays – the brand new Hello Cruel World iPhone cases are here, made especially for us by Griffin Technology right here in Nashville (I’ve already got one on my iPhone). These begin shipping December 5th, but you can preorder now. To get the new iPhone case, go to The Store and click on the “Holiday” tab.









We also have holiday bundles available now through the week before Christmas: For $30 you get 1 Hello Cruel World CD (signed), 1 Hello Cruel World poster (signed) and 1 Hello Cruel World T-shirt in either of two available designs (your choice). Shipping immediately – go to The Store to order.





And if you’re looking for some music for the season, my 2008 winter/holiday album Northern Lights is back in stock as well. To preview the album, read reviews and lyrics, and purchase a copy, click here.