Woman On The Wheel 2013 Tour – Walk In Music

Barry Walsh has once again put together a great set of walk-in music for our upcoming UK/EU tour. You can read about it at his website. Here’s what you’ll be hearing before the lights go down if you’re coming to a show:

Monteleone – Mark Knopfler (Get Lucky)
Down From Dover – Marianne Faithful (Easy Come Easy Go)
Where’s Home? – Richard Thompson (Electric)
Little Tornado – Aimee Mann (Charmer)
Duquesne Whistle – Bob Dylan (Tempest)
Seven Times The Charm – Shawn Colvin (All Fall Down)
Alabama Pines – Jason Isbell (Here We Rest)
Million Miles – Bonnie Raitt (Slipstream)
Salford Sunday – Richard Thompson (Electric)
Use It Up – Sadie & The Hotheads (How Not To Lose Things)
There’s A Whole Lotta Heaven – Iris Dement (Sing The Delta)
Not Cause I Wanted To – Bonnie Raitt (Slipstream)
Chains Of Love – Ryan Adams (Ashes & Fire)
Early Roman Kings – Bob Dylan (Tempest)
The Boxer  -Jerry Douglas with Mumford & Sons and Paul Simon (Traveler)
Lucky – Sadie & The Hotheads (How Not To Lose Things)


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  1. This is a fabulous selection of music, almost good enough for the ticket price on its own!I’m coming to the 15 March show at the QE2 in London and am thrilled at your announcement of Sadie and the Hotheads guesting. Looking forward to a wonderful evening!

  2. Not only a fabulous selection of music but also a fabulous gig. We had the privilege n pleasure of being at the concert in Limavady N Ireland. A wonderful intimate evening with Gretchen and the amazing Barry and Christine. Gretchen’s music touches your very soul.

  3. Just got back from show at Epstein Theatre in Liverpool – totally amazing night – just sorry I had to leave fast after as had to catch 11pm last train home so didn’t get a chance to buy the ‘WOTW’ DVD or indeed meet Gretchen, Barry & Christine. Still one can’t have everything and seeing Gretchen live is a dream come true.oh… the walk in music was terrific also 🙂

  4. A quick update after Friday’s show. It was everything I was hoping for, absolutely wonderful. Beautiful music, beautifully played, in a lovely atmosphere. You really deserved the standing ovation – the first time I’ve ever seen one at the QE Hall! And to complete my evening, I managed to get an autographed copy of the limited edition book/cd/dvd as a memento. Thank you, and Barry and Christine, for a performance I’ll remember for a long time.

  5. Great show in Leeds last night – really enjoyed it. All new to me. Thanks for coming to Leeds ! The new CD is brilliant.

  6. thanks for the show in nijmegen and for singing/playing townes van zandt’s song,,snowin’on raton,,…..mais…

  7. wonderful gig last night in nijmegen. Question, on the dvd how can you download wallpapers? I cant find them?
    Thank you! Best wishes!

  8. Hi Rick – I don’t have a copy with me right now but you should be able to locate the wallpapers in a folder on the DVD. Don’t launch your DVD player, they are in a data file. If you don’t have any luck send an email to steve AT digitalvisionmedia DOT com (replace AT and DOT with appropriate symbols).

  9. Thank you!
    Gretchen, Barry and Christine thank you for a wonderful show last night. It was my first show and i sure hope i will get the opportunity to get to see you all many times in the coming years!
    Hopefully! Have fun!

  10. Wonderful show last nihgt im Amsterdam. I think you played a different tape before the show because there was Ft Worth Blues, performed by a girl. Who is this girl, Barry?

  11. Unfortunately we don’t know – most of the venues played our walk-in music but in Amsterdam they had some great music on before our show and we asked them to keep it going. So we don’t know who the artist singing Ft. Worth Blues was, sorry!

  12. Thanks For a Great Show on TANTE JU in Dresden/Saxon-Germany
    (March-22-2013); I hope I see You again!!!

    To Gretchen in Love Reinhard

  13. Thanks For A Great and Formidable Concert on March 22, 2013 in
    TANTE JU, Dresden-Germany/SaXON: I hope I Hear and see You Again !

    With kindless Greats Reinhard (Halle/Germany)

  14. Many Thanks for You Great and formidable concert on March-22-2013
    in The Liveclub TANTE JU-Dresden/germany. I Hope I see and hear You again. Till thenext time Reinhard

  15. Sorry – I’m a bit late to tell you how much we enjoyed your concert and Leamington Spa. A lovely venue, a wonderful concert, and a special treat because it was Christine Bougie’s birthday. The published review does not do this concert justice. As a number one fan, to see you live for the first time (yes, I put my hand up!) was a real treat. As a part-time songwriter myself, I understand what goes into the art of songwriting, Yours are the best, beautifully constructed with words that get right into the heart of what you are trying to say, superb melodies and, having seen you live, brilliantly executed. Of course, The Matador is my favourite, but it would be, because I live in Spain! Thank you for the privilege of seeing you.

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