Couch by Couchwest 2014

This time every year there’s a mass influx of musicians, artists and assorted music industry types to Austin for the South by Southwest festival. There’s also another festival going on – Couch by Couchwest. From their website: “CXCW is an annual online music festival that is for everyone. No badges, lanyards, bracelets, parking fees, ticket lines, exclusive parties, VIP tents, porta-potties, babysitters, dogsitters, expensive beer prices, or crappy hotel rooms…just the sweet comfort of your own couch. Here’s how it works, artists and bands from all over the globe record a video performance for us from their living rooms, kitchens, porches, bathrooms, you name it…pretty much anywhere but a stage…and we post them during the week of the festival (March 9 – 15, 2014).”

We’ve had a lot of fun shooting videos for CXCW for the past three years – our first two were filmed in the UK, in Tammy Wynette’s perfectly preserved touring caravan in Leamington Spa, England, and at Stonehenge. Hard to top those locations, especially since we’re off the road. So for 2014 Barry Walsh and I filmed our CXCW contribution close to home – in the living room. 2014’s entry is “Saint Francis”, written by me & Tom Russell. Welcome to our house.

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