“Independence Day” included in Top 15 songs that changed Country Music

Independence Day - Gretchen Peters

“Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts recently hosted an ABC special, “Countdown to the CMA Awards: The Top 15 Songs That Changed Country Music”. “Independence Day” came in at #9. From the ABC press release:

“Following months of research and input from country music insiders, veteran experts and numerous country music artists, Countdown to the CMA Awards: 15 Songs that Changed Country Music with Robin Roberts showcases 15 iconic songs that changed the country music world forever,” a news release said. “The Top 15 songs showcased aren’t necessarily the best-selling songs of all time, nor are they just the revered classics. They are the 15 iconic songs, old and new, which helped transform country music through their musical significance, cultural influence, and ability to reach new audiences. The special also chronicles the history of country music and the interesting and unique stories behind the creation of these celebrated songs.”

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