“Blackbirds” review – No Depression

…and then there is “Cure For The Pain”.  If Ms. Peters hadn’t already been inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, this one would have had them ringing her phone. It’s about the craft, knowing how to put the pieces together so that they look like they’ve always been that way.  When we listen, we know these words have been together forever. Truth is what seals it, though. “It’s not like you think it’s gonna be, not like the movies that you see, ain’t no soaring violins, just machines and medicines.” Yes, we know it, we’ve been in that hospital room, or in that house where they’ve brought in a hospital bed. We’ve seen the readings on the machines as we held the hand and looked into those eyes. We know the feeling when we realize things aren’t going to get better. “Goddamn this losing fight…”

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