“Blackbirds” review – Elmore Magazine

Sometimes all it takes is that vivid visual image that gives you the idea for the song,” Gretchen Peters said of Blackbirds, her new, highly-anticipated release. Indeed, Peters, throughout the album, wraps her lyrics ever so poetically and often metaphorically around striking images: the blackbirds against the black smoke rising from the sugarcane in the title track, the suburban house fire encapsulating so much about the ’60s in “The House on Auburn Street,” the devastating Nashville flood in “Pretty Things,” the spilled BP oil—and the incalculable damage it wrought—in “Black Ribbons.”

…as with her last two excellent releases, allow yourself to get completely lost in Blackbirds, which offers unique insights into so many aspects of life that many fear addressing. Peters puts emotions into words—eloquently and potently, giving her songs lasting power that few can match.”

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