“Blackbirds” review – The Bluegrass Situation

Gretchen Peters has been making good records for the better part of a decade and a half, but this one pretty much takes the cake. Her voice — still honey-tinged as ever — has a slightly scarred quality on this album, instilling in these songs an organic authenticity. The lyrics she’s written — alone and in concert with guitarist Ben Glover — address familiar themes in powerful new ways, her melodies settling comfortably in classic harmonic structures without becoming predictable. With the likes of Will Kimbrough, Doug Lancio and Barry Walsh in the studio, it goes without saying the band is superior…

…Suffice it to say this is a record Americana music fans should own. It joins new records from Rhiannon Giddens, JD McPherson and The Decemberists as one of the best records of the year … so far.

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