Gretchen Peters and Barry Walsh interview

I’ve done a lot of interviews before, but never one like this. This was a relaxed, thoughtful three way conversation which included my musical and marital partner, Barry Walsh. Barry and I talk about music so much when we’re at home and on the road, and it was wonderful to get to share some of those thoughts with our interviewer, Jeff Miller. An excerpt:

BW: Our compatibility began 25 years ago when we first met. We were instantly compatible and I felt much more compatible playing her music than anyone else’s music I was playing at the time. I was instantly drawn to it. I was playing a lot of different people’s music, but I zeroed in on what she was doing and the rest is history.

GP: Part of the reason for that is what he said earlier. He didn’t play flashy stuff, he didn’t play a lot of notes. When we met, I had been in Nashville a while and had done a lot of demos with different keyboard players. They were all very good, but they either played very safe parts or played to show me how good they were. When he came in and played, I felt like he was emotionally inside the song and really paid attention with his gut to what it was about.

The interview is in two parts; read Part One here and Part Two here.