Folk Alley interview and new lyric video

From Folk Alley:

Singer/songwriter Gretchen Peters has had quite a year. Following the universally praised release of ‘Blackbirds’ in February, she has toured the U.S. and abroad almost non-stop – with another 2016 tour slated to mark the 20th anniversary of her debut album, ‘The Secret of Life.’ In the here and now, as 2015 tip-toes toward a close, Peters looks back on her very busy and very fulfilling year.

Kelly McCartney: You’ve had quite a ride this year with ‘Blackbirds.’ How’s that feeling and how do you follow it up?

Gretchen Peters: It was quite unexpected and I’m really thrilled. Everyone was saying, “How will you follow up ‘Hello Cruel World?'” and I got to the point where I just didn’t want to hear that any more. You can’t keep trying to top yourself; you can only do the work that’s in front of you the best you know how. As far as following this album, it’s a little too early for me to think about just yet. There are a couple of side projects that I’m really interested in doing…

To read this article in its entirety and see a new lyric video for “The Cure For The Pain”, visit Folk Alley.