Live review: The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh

“Tonight at The Queen’s Hall was the last date here in the UK on Gretchen Peters’  20th Anniversary tour, and also as the UK was really the place that appreciated the songs first, 20 years since her first UK tour.  Also out now is a retrospective double CD album “The Essential Gretchen Peters” which has back catalogue music on one CD and songs that somehow until now just never made it onto any album on the other, so a busy year for this lady.
Gretchen Peters is simply a hugely gifted songwriter and plays with words like a master storyteller.  Also though there are those gifts of being able to tell a story that touches people’s lives, there is also the gift of being able to make lines in a song that seem sometimes disconnected from one another fit together perfectly to tell a story and also to describe something very basic in a way that you go ‘I wish I had thought of that’.”

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