Live review: Union Chapel, London

“This was the 20th anniversary of her debut album and her first small scale UK shows, and there was definitely a sense of (respectful) celebration in the air. Peters seems to be one of those artists who is more loved in the UK than at home, and she appears to be genuinely appreciative of her British audience. There was a connection between her and the fans, and this reflected in the light banter on stage, and a certain self-deprecating humour all round. It made for an impressive, immersive show.

She finished the show (apart from encores, of course) with a rousing version of Idlewild, a quiet track from Hello Cruel World now expanded into a rousing, thumping, passionate and – dare I say it? – rocking number that would put many a ‘proper’ rock band to shame. It was a fine ending to a fine show, and left everyone hungry for more. Next time she plays here, you owe it to yourself to go along.”

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