Songwriting Workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland

I’m so excited to announce my first multi-day songwriting workshop in the UK. The two day intensive workshop will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland on July 28 & 29 at The Queen’s Hall. Among other things, we’ll cover:
• Writing authentically: how to build the back story for your characters
• Using detail and imagery
• How to keep your sense of creative play alive and when to “invite the editor” into the writing room
• Finding the melody
• How to arrange a song (with guest teacher Barry Walsh)
• Song critiques & sharpening skills with me
• A one-on-one session with me
Hours for the workshop are:

Thu 28 July 9am-5pm
Fri 29 July 9am-9.30pm

To find out more about the workshop and enroll (space is limited!), visit The Queen’s Hall website.