Taking a break

Tomorrow I’ll be playing my last set in the UK (my second home, it seems) for awhile. The usual scrapes, bruises and bumps – proverbial and actual – aside, the road has treated us well. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to play with this incredible band. I’m a little emotional about this tour coming to an end; even more so than usual, for reasons I’ll explain below.

I’ve been touring hard for ten years now, with very little in the way of breaks. So in 2017 I’m going to take some long overdue time off. I won’t be touring for the rest of the year after we get off the Cayamo cruise in late February. It’s time to rest, to be still, to think about what’s next. I’m going to be tending to family matters, doing some writing – I may even get a houseplant. During this hiatus I’ll be sending the newsletter out about once every couple of months – no tour dates means less news, and there’s no point in taking up space in your inbox unless I have something to share. I WILL still be posting a new free download every month – I’ll post a reminder on Facebook and Twitter when it goes up. I do hope to stay in touch with you via social media, and I’ll let you know what I’m up to every couple of months or so via email. There’ll be news I’ll want to share; I just won’t be sharing it quite as often. I so appreciate your support, encouragement and love. I’m excited about taking a break and I know it’s the right thing – but I will miss seeing your faces in the audience and I’ll be back before you know it.