Gretchen Peters Continues To Be A Master Of Sad Songs On “Disappearing Act” (review)

The Shotgun Seat reviewed “Disappearing Act”, the first single from Dancing With The Beast, on March 27:

“Right now, you would be hard-pressed to find a better songwriter than Gretchen Peters. Her willingness to sing about tough, somber subjects is a rarity in the industry, and on her new album, Dancing With The Beast (due out May 18), she continues to prove her mastery.”

“The first song released from the project, “Disappearing Act,” … tackles the concept of death in a brutally honest way. A common perspective focuses on memories shared with the person who passed away, but Peters reminds us that those valuable moments are also what breeds sorrow later on. “Good things come, good things go, if it lifts you up it’ll lay you low,” she states in an almost menacing tone during the chorus.”

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