Gretchen Peters on storytelling (iSing Magazine)

I did a Q&A with Line Hilton of iSing Magazine recently; here’s an excerpt:

iSing: Why do you think the music industry has been less forth coming with the #metoo movement?

GP: The music industry is like any other industry, they want to offend as few people as possible. It’s only when the pressure from the public becomes too much that corporations will respond. The responsibility to stand up for what’s right lies with each of us. To quote John F. Kennedy: “Of those to whom much is given, much is required”. I believe that if you have been fortunate in your career, as I have, it’s important to reach back and give a hand to the ones who are coming up behind you. Encouraging and mentoring younger women artists is really important to me. I’m not waiting around for “the industry” to see the light. We should call out businesses to do the right thing, and apply economic pressure – but to expect human compassion from a corporation is crazy. We have to do it ourselves. #metoo is a good start. Let’s keep it going.

To read the feature in its entirety, visit iSing Magazine.