The Boot: Gretchen Peters Emerges from ‘Season of Grief’ With New Album (interview)

“I don’t know why I have this attraction to characters who’ve seen a lot of s–t,” Gretchen Peters tells The Boot. She’s speaking to media in advance of her new album, Dancing With the Beasta project that grapples with themes of darkness, death and female characters who — particularly as they age — go unheard and unseen.

“A month after the election, I lost my mom, and I also lost a couple of friends during that time,” Peters shares. “It was just a season of grief and loss. I sat in it for a while, and then, in 2017, I decided it was time to start writing again.

“But how do you write in this time that we’re in? You can’t not write about it; it’s everywhere, it’s pervasive,” she continues. “I’m not a political writer; I’m a storyteller. I knew I wasn’t going to write an album of protest songs, so how do I express the anxiety and grief and anger that I’m feeling and still do it in a meaningful way?”

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