Gretchen Peters on Bob Dylan ‘Blood on the Tracks’

I sat down to talk to Jeremy Dylan awhile back for his great podcast, My Favorite Album. Obviously it’s impossible to pick a favorite album, but Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks would undoubtedly be up there at the top of my list any day of the week. Dylan was one of the earliest and most powerful influences on me, as a young kid learning to play the guitar. But it took me a long time to really dig into Blood On The Tracks. From Jeremy’s website:

Gretchen talks about how she fell in love with the album as she was getting divorced, the unusually soft edges of Dylan’s songwriting on this record, how he treats women in his lyrics, how his songs always bring you to a place of empathy and the importance of being brutally honest with yourself as a songwriter.

To listen to this episode visit My Favorite Album (you can also download it wherever you get your podcasts).