Mind Matters: Musicians on How Meditation Keeps Them Focused and Free

I spoke with Kelly McCartney for No Depression awhile ago about my meditation practice. Kelly interviewed several musicians who meditate, including Angaleena Presley, Anthony D’Amato and more. An excerpt:

While not a religious person, Peters believes deeply in kindness and compassion. Meditation has taught her to apply those values to herself in her own life and practice. “If I worship at any church, it’s the church of empathy. Empathy requires that you suspend judgment, and it seems to me that meditation is exactly that — the suspension of judgment,” Peters offers. “You will have random thoughts, and the aim is not to not have those thoughts, but to let them pass without judgment. If you can learn to do that for yourself, I don’t see how you can’t not do it when it comes to other people. In that way, I think it’s heart-opening.

To read the article in its entirety, visit No Depression.