The Night You Wrote That Song (review)

My old friend Alan Cackett, founder of the UK country music magazine Maverick and country music historian, has posted an early review of The Night You Wrote That Song: The Songs of Mickey Newbury. An excerpt:

Of all the female singers out there, Gretchen Peters is the only one that could have pulled off this ‘tribute’ to Mickey Newbury so successfully. This is not as much an album as it is a world, one that doesn’t reveal itself in haste but rather unfolds over time and through multitudinous layers. Heavily steeped in Newbury’s storyteller lyrical style and cleverly framed by uncluttered, acoustic-rich arrangements, the record breathes with nuance and space. Gretchen and her co-producer husband Barry Walsh possess a gleaming eye for detail as they create a kind of subliminal richness that seems to bring a golden light to whatever situation you find yourself listening to it in. Together they trace Newbury’s evolution as an off-trail songwriter distilling his songs into an original voice of power and depth for today’s listeners.

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