Little World – new video

I’ve just released a new video for the song “Little World”. As is so often the case with songs, this one has taken on a deeper meaning in this sad and strange new era. We’re all in our little worlds now, and while there’s so much sadness in our lives, there is also beauty. I’ve spent my life writing songs that draw on both, and noticing how often they appear together. Being human, we have no choice but to accept the heartache that comes in the bargain – but we get a glimpse of the beauty too. Lucky, lucky us.

Stay home, stay safe, stay well. x


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  1. Lovely song. will look forward yo your rescheduled London date next February.
    Take care and stay happy,

  2. Once again amazing Gretchen, very true that the song implies new meaning in our current isolated situations. Many thanks for the hours of pleasure your songs and voice have given me over many years. Stay strong and take care

  3. Fantastic. The photographs are beautiful and what a stunning job they did of telling the story we are living right now. When it got to the big picture of so many little worlds I felt oddly connected in my isolation. Thank you for seeing the new meaning in this lovely tune of yours and sharing it.
    Knowing you posted this over three months ago has another way of hitting deep.

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