Gretchen Peters Honors Mickey Newbury With “The Sailor” and New Album (premiere + interview)

Pop Matters recently premiered the video for “The Sailor”, and reviewed The Night You Wrote That Song: The Songs of Mickey Newbury as part of a feature interview on the album. An excerpt:

Peters’ collection of Newbury songs, though, is the record that Newbury lovers could have only dreamed of. Eschewing standard notions of making an album celebrating the songs of a beloved artist, she followed her heart and her ear. “One of the first things I threw out the window was the idea that I was going to record things that were recognizable,” she says. “That ruled out so many wonderful songs. By the same token, I didn’t rule out doing some of the songs that were hits. I said, ‘Let’s throw chart history right out the window and let’s go purely on songs.’ The only other criteria became, ‘Do I think I can tell this story effectively? Can I bring this across?’ It really becomes not dissimilar from choosing songs for your own record.”

To read the review and interview, and watch the video, visit Pop Matters.