THROUGH THE LENS: Ruthie Foster, Gretchen Peters, and Other Outstanding Roots Music Releases on the Horizon

Thanks to Amos Perrine and No Depression for featuring my upcoming album The Night You Wrote That Song: The Songs of Mickey Newbury.

…Singer-songwriter Gretchen Peters took on the daunting task of picking 12 songs from the Mickey Newbury songbook. The collection of songs is a good representation of Newbury’s albums through the 1970s. Peters, like Newbury, constructs her songs like a play that tells the story of American life. The songs she selected are not necessarily Newbury’s best known, but even on the better known ones — “The Sailor,” “San Francisco Mabel Joy,” and “Heaven Help the Child” — Peters gives them new life via her soulful interpretations… 

To read the feature in its entirety, visit No Depression.