new podcast – Surviving The Music Industry

I talked with Brandon Harrington recently for his podcast, Surviving The Music Industry. We had a wide (really wide!) ranging chat and you can listen to the whole thing wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Or click on the link below.
From SMI:

Daughter of a screen and Civil-Rights writer and housewife Gretchen Peters fully admits to having a childhood like the AMC hit MADMEN, automatically should set the pace to living an internal artist life like songwriting. A sudden life shift brought Gretchen to Boulder, Colorado, and thus began a love of country, Mickey Newbury, jam bands, and the freaks and misfits alike. In conversation, Gretchen shares the truth behind Martina McBride’s, “Independence Day,” and the inspirations behind the major characters from her biggest songs. The threads that make a Peters song, and what got her songs cut during a pivotal moment for women in country music.

Listen here.