Entertainment Focus: Gretchen Peters Talks All About Her New Live Album & Retirement From Touring

“Grammy Award-winning songwriter Gretchen Peters has a lot on her mind. Today (August 19th) she’s releasing her new live album ‘The Show: The Live In The UK’ which was recorded in 2019. She also just announced that, in June 2023, she and partner Barry Walsh will retire from regular touring.

While the events of the pandemic figured into Gretchen’s decision, she started thinking about getting off the road as far back as 2019. The creative process, as we discussed, requires a certain stillness and calm, one which is difficult, if not impossible, to find on the road, in the hustle and bustle of touring. Gretchen told me she felt she was spending a year on the road on the road and had to “recharge” before she could get into that space again. She released an excellent album of Mickey Newbury songs, The Night You Wrote That Song, in 2020, and the live album drops this week, but her last LP of original material was 2018’s Dancing With The Beast, a terrific exploration of the trials and traumas faced by women…”

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