Gretchen Peters INTERVIEW Part 1 (The Rocking Magpie)

“I don’t know why I fixated on three, but if I could do three records in a row that represented my creative manifesto, I would be satisfied. And I did that. Hello Cruel World, Blackbirds and Dancing With The Beast to me are a trilogy and they belong together and having completed those albums I had a new sense of satisfaction. As if to say there’s my work and it’ll stand up against anything, there it is. That was one aspect of the urgency. The other is this feeling amongst musicians, a feast or famine mentality, that you have to say yes to everything and if you say no, no one will ask you to do anything ever again so you burn yourself out trying to do everything.
Artists unconsciously, subconsciously and consciously are encouraged to say yes to everything. You take every opportunity because you are constantly being made to feel that you’ll become irrelevant or disappear if you don’t. It’s a really unhealthy mindset to live with.”

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