Gretchen Peters – The Show, Live From the UK: Album Review (At The Barrier)

“…a word for Peters’ voice, which now sounds a little more lived in than in her earlier years, that suiting better some of the subjects of her songs, often about those on the fringes; of society, luck, age and opportunity. Disappearing Act exemplifies this to a T, the slight lack of studio polish adding oodles, as also the case for the Wichita, the tale of Cora Lee, which gets a feel of hillbilly blues, a lighter touch which contrasts with the murkier mix from Dancing With The Beast. Say Grace then strips down to just voice and finger picked guitar. a quietly beautiful song that lingers as the thoughtful lyric sinks in: “Forgive yourself for all of your mistakes.” Piano joins in and McClean squeezes out some extra poignancy from his slide guitar, in a nod to the more arranged studio version. With the mood subtly changed by that song, it is followed by the pin dropping Everything Falls Away, with Walsh’s piano utterly magnificent…”

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