Essentials: The Top 10 Gretchen Peters Songs (Americana UK)

From Americana UK:

Back on the 12th August 2022 I opened an e-mail from Gretchen Peters as many would have done across the country that morning with the single word headline ‘Announcement’. Intrigued I quickly proceeded to cast my eyes over the following paragraphs and with every passing sentence felt my heart grow heavier, as if a dark cloud had suddenly darkened the sun replacing its comforting warmth with a distant chill. For the last two decades, Peters along with her partner in crime and soulmate Barry Walsh have brought their exquisite brand of americana music to these shores, gradually building an extensive fan base courtesy of eight studio albums that have helped set the benchmark for singer-songwriters throughout the twenty-first century, each crammed full of songs that for many have proved life-changing such is the quality of the craft. However with the e-mail came the sobering news that the forthcoming tour through May 2023 would be the last, a farewell tour, and a chance for Peters to say thank you for the decades of support….

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