Gretchen Peters – Town Hall, Birmingham. Saturday 20th May 2023 (live review)

“An obvious leaning towards some of the newer material represents the prime evolution of Gretchen Peters’ songwriting. A skill that fermented like the finest old world wine. Of course there was space for some absolute live standards. Has she ever left a stage without singing ‘On a Bus to St. Cloud? The obligatory intro applause is another permanent fixture.

One of the many legacies of Gretchen Peters touring was the introduction to the music of Ben Glover. In a defiant show that the creative music making is far from over, we were introduced to a new song co-written with her long time writing collaborator. If ‘Judas Kiss‘ has the lasting effect of show opener ‘Blackbirds‘ (another Peters/Glover co-write), then this race is far from run…”

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