For The Sake Of The Song: Gretchen Peters “Five Minutes”

My thanks to Americana UK for shining a light on a song that has been so important to me. Believe it or not, I wasn’t sure it would work on the Hello Cruel World album at first. I can’t even remember why now. I do know that after playing it for every audience on that UK tour with Suzy Bogguss and Matraca Berg, I changed my mind – or more accurately, they (the audiences) did.

Something about the heroine – and I do think of her as a heroine – in this song pulls at me. She’s flawed, no question, but she’s also brave and determined and ultimately vulnerable. She’s one of my favorite characters and I’m so glad she came to me to tell her story.

It’s not often you remember where you were when you heard a song for the first time.  In June 2011, I was at the Stables in Wavendon, Milton Keynes, seeing Wine, Women & Song (Gretchen Peters, Matraca Berg and Suzy Bogguss playing in the round) when Peters announced she was going to play a new song.  Five minutes later as the song finished there was a moment of silence as the audience held a breath before breaking out into rapturous applause.

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