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For The Sake Of The Song: Gretchen Peters “Five Minutes”

My thanks to Americana UK for shining a light on a song that has been so important to me. Believe it or not, I wasn’t sure it would work on the Hello Cruel World album at first. I can’t even remember why now. I do know that after playing it for every audience on that … MORE

The Other 22 Hours (podcast)

I enjoyed doing The Other 22 Hours podcast immensely. What a wonderful thing to be able to talk about some of the less frequently discussed aspects of the creative life – the other 22 hours besides the 2 you spend on stage. My thanks to Michaela Anne and Aaron Shafer-Haiss for inviting me. You can … MORE

Gretchen Peters – Town Hall, Birmingham. Saturday 20th May 2023 (live review)

“An obvious leaning towards some of the newer material represents the prime evolution of Gretchen Peters’ songwriting. A skill that fermented like the finest old world wine. Of course there was space for some absolute live standards. Has she ever left a stage without singing ‘On a Bus to St. Cloud? The obligatory intro applause … MORE

Gretchen Peters & Kim Richey at Sage Gateshead (live review)

“What followed was spellbinding, The Matador was haunting; All You Got Is a Hammer was punchier than usual with Barry giving us some unexpectedly Jazzy flourishes on the piano. Although I gave it a favourable review in 2015; I didn’t remember Pretty Things which found Gretchen being joined by Kim singing harmonies tonight; but vowed … MORE

Essentials: The Top 10 Gretchen Peters Songs (Americana UK)

From Americana UK: Back on the 12th August 2022 I opened an e-mail from Gretchen Peters as many would have done across the country that morning with the single word headline ‘Announcement’. Intrigued I quickly proceeded to cast my eyes over the following paragraphs and with every passing sentence felt my heart grow heavier, as … MORE

All CDs at now $5

New for 2023: all CDs at my web store* are now available for $5. Not a sale! This is the new, permanent regular price. Some of you may stream your music for convenience but still collect CDs; hopefully this will give you a chance to fill in the gaps in your collection for a little … MORE

In Conversation: Gretchen Peters ( Holler Country Music feature)

“I willingly got on that hamster wheel and didn’t get off for 15, 20 years,” she says “That’s where the burnout was coming in. I started to ask myself, why is the next step to make another album? And how long do I do this? So that was the biggest contributor to it, this feeling … MORE

Gretchen Peters and Kim Richey at City Varieties, Leeds (live review)

Although she had a new Live Album to promote; Gretchen still went ‘off piste’ tonight, by including a variety of songs from throughout her career; several which don’t appear on said Double Album. Many of the songs tonight, we know like the back of our hands (Say Grace and Blackbirds spring to mind) but others stretch … MORE

Gretchen Peters – The Show, Live From the UK: Album Review (Holler)

Structuring this live double album with many of her classic compositions upfront, Peters’ gloriously re-arranges half the set for the all-female Scottish string quartet that accompanies her. On the second half, however, it’s simply Peters and her now familiar backing band. Both parts possess light and shade, leaving plenty of space in the mix to let … MORE