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Gretchen Peters – The Show, Live From the UK: Album Review (Folk & Tumble)

“…there is a lightness of touch, in the manner in which she presents such hard-hitting songs, never preachy. Played live, they really hit home, and stay with the listener, melody and message. That is a real skill.  Her voice remains as strong as ever, indeed, if anything, it as good as I have ever heard her. … MORE

Gretchen Peters – The Show, Live From the UK: Album Review (At The Barrier)

“…a word for Peters’ voice, which now sounds a little more lived in than in her earlier years, that suiting better some of the subjects of her songs, often about those on the fringes; of society, luck, age and opportunity. Disappearing Act exemplifies this to a T, the slight lack of studio polish adding oodles, … MORE

Gretchen Peters - The Show: Live From The UK

Alan Cackett – Gretchen Peters – The Show: Live From The UK (review)

“…a truly remarkable album. Bold and fearless, live Gretchen Peters delivers an alluring, understatedly dramatic set as she spins out a rich and dazzling fabric sewn by the threads of autobiography, sociocultural, fiction, and authenticity. One of the finest female singer-songwriters of her generation, Gretchen thoughtfully offers up a stunning collection of songs that would … MORE

Gretchen Peters INTERVIEW Part 1 (The Rocking Magpie)

“I don’t know why I fixated on three, but if I could do three records in a row that represented my creative manifesto, I would be satisfied. And I did that. Hello Cruel World, Blackbirds and Dancing With The Beast to me are a trilogy and they belong together and having completed those albums I had … MORE

American Songwriter: Gretchen Peters steals the show (review)

“Peters has released live albums and compendiums before this, but with this particular effort, her variety and versatility are spotlighted in ways that bring these songs added illumination and attention. The strings portion of the set is especially satisfying because it boasts the best of her seminal catalog, including some of the most beautiful melodies … MORE

An announcement

Music has been my church for as long as I can remember, and live performance has always been the thing that brings me closest to losing myself in the beauty and mystery of it all. Of all the aspects of my job, performing is the most ephemeral, the most of-the-moment. You can’t do it while … MORE

Gretchen Peters - The Show: Live From The UK

The Show – Live From the UK (Folk Radio UK review)

The Show captures a singular artist at the peak of her powers, the songs embellished for the live setting but never gratuitously so, the setlist covering a 22-year spectrum of outstanding songs and an irresistible enticement (should you be so foolish as not yet to have bought tickets) to catch her on the upcoming dates … MORE

Gretchen Peters - The Show: Live From The UK

The Show – Live From the UK 10/10 (Americana UK review)

A live album to savour from one of the great singer-songwriters of her generation. 10/10 Gretchen Peters has always had a great affinity with UK audiences and 2022 marks 25 years since this outstanding singer-songwriter first stepped onto a stage this side of the pond. By way of a commemoration Peters set out in 2019 … MORE

Independence Day – The Story and People Behind a Song with a Lasting Impact

The Country Music Hall of Fame has released a 20 minute video documentary about “Independence Day”, featuring interviews with myself, Martina McBride, Joe Galante, Robert Deaton and Brittney Spencer. Deep dive into the history of the song and its lasting impact through the voices of those instrumental to its success and influenced by it – … MORE