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  2. Last Nights Concert at The Epstein in Liverpool was probably one of the best Concerts ever
    Barry Was superb Christine and Conner were tremendous, but Gretchen – WOW !
    What an amazing voice. I have seen many many concerts in my 51 Years but so few artists can show such stage presence as Gretchen.
    Last night Gretchen showed that she is the reigning Queen of the Singer Songwriter Genre . If there was one issue I had it would be this – the concert ended, I wanted it to just go on forever. I was lost in the music and the time just flew. I really hope that Gretchen goes from strength to strength and that more people are able to hear her wonderful music. This lady deserves recognition for the musical genius that she is.
    (Gretchen – could you please remind Barry to send me a mailing Address so I can send him some Liverpool stuff as I Promised, Thanks, Much Love Jimmy)

  3. Any dates planned for Ireland. Only just discovered Gretchen, I’m just blown away by her voice and amazing song writing.

  4. Looking forward to Southport gig next week and just had my first listen to the new album – it’s terrific.

  5. Exceptional Performance Last Night 20th @ The Stables – Gretchen is a Star Performer & songs & words very profound – Backed by Truely Profession musicians Not forgetting a really talented solo performance by Kim
    Huge Thank You such an enjoyable evening

  6. hello Gretchen
    Last night in Worthing was wonderful, and the audience agreed with the standing ovation, Next time remember that the UK can be hot !!!
    Come back soon

  7. Fabulous show in Norfolk, CT at Infinity Hall. I have been listening to Spotify to and form work today with your songs. It’s great to expand my horizons in a new direction. I went looking forward to seeing Mary Gauthier and left with an appreciation for all three performers. I first heard you sing – Billy 4 – big Dylan fan.

  8. Hi G
    Clicked on Glasgow link Not easy to get tickets Although we are sorted others might be struggling

  9. Hi Gretchen, I hope you are doing well. Why no concert in Germany?

    All the best from Hamburg, your biggest fan Gerd

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